9/23(Sun) Stefan Goldmann in Kyoto @Club Metro, Kyoto

Connected Underground pres. Stefan Goldmann in Kyoto, 2018
@ Club Metro, Kyoto
Open / 21:00
Entrance / 2000yen+1drink

Stefan Goldmann (Macro / from Berlin)
Stefak (Diviat S1on / from Bulgaria)
Ryoma Sasaki (Transit Records Kyoto)
Wataru Horiuchi

DJ Compufunk (Compufunk Records) -Modular Synth. Live Set-
B from Outatbero
Kawano Yasunori


Connected Underground presents "Stefan Goldmann in Kyoto 2018"
Techno, Deep Tech, Tech House, Live Set, Modular Synth. Live Set...

■Stefan Goldmann :
Techno has always been about imagining the future and experiencing the excitement of change and discovery. If anybody has lived up to this aspiration in recent years, it must be Stefan Goldmann. With every release and project he has brought a new edge to the table, creating some extraordinarily memorable tracks along the way. The uninhibited dirt of ‘The Maze’, the melodic craze of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ or the free-floating choir samples dominating ‘Lunatic Fringe’ have provided genre-shifting blueprints for countless DJs and producers. Macro, the label Stefan Goldmann operates with Finn Johannsen, has delivered cutting edge releases by the likes of Elektro Guzzi, KUF, Patrick Cowley, KiNK and Vladimir Dubyshkin.

From this position he has branched out into a wide array of projects with an approach that remains essentially techno: investigating grid rhythm, sampling, vinyl culture or digitisation down to their cores. Commissioned works and special format performances which incorporate these topics range from intimate solo encounters at iconic venues such as Kyoto’s Honen-in Temple, Los Angeles’s LACMA museum or CCK in Buenos Aires to large-scale compositions for music theatre, film, ensembles or dance. These formats have become a key part of his outreach, alongside DJing at clubs across Asia, the Americas, Australia and Europe, festivals like Mutek, SXSW and Time Warp, or at Macro label nights in Berlin, London, Paris, New York or Tokyo.

A special relationship has formed between Stefan Goldmann and Berlin’s Berghain club since his debut at Panorama Bar in 2006. He conceived the Elektroakustischer Salon nights, opening up the club to experimental formats, writes a regular column for its program flyer and is a co-author of Berghain’s 2015 book, ‘Art In The Club’. His own book ‘Presets’ investigates automation and industry aesthetics in digital music. While probing the boundaries of art and science, this techno renaissance man still feels most at home between two decks, communicating with the crowd through the beats he creates and mixes.

Scapegrace person with strange, often incomprehensible (for almost everybody) sense of humour..

Stefak is a Sofia based DJ who also co-runs the Swine Riddim events, one of the original Bulgarian house and techno heads from the crew that also brought you KiNK.

In 2004 together with a group of friends started the tech-house.info website and soon after that began organizing parties. Those parties took place in Sofia's Lifehouse club and due to their success turned into series called "United In House".

In the beginning of 2006 alongside with Pafel and few bottles of "Menta" he started as joke a radio show on "Radio Proval". It didn't take that long that that show was transformed into a Menta Session Podcast and respectively into blog.

In 2010 after the opening of club Vlaykova all his activities, leading most notably to the founding of the Swine Riddim movement. His latest piece of work can be heard on his soundcloud profile and Menta Session's podcast catalogue.

Over the last couple of years he and Stefan Goldmann happen to be the two residents of Sofia's premier underground techno night Бергшвайн.

■DJ COMPUFUNK (Compufunk Records)
今年で21年目を迎える老舗レコード・ショップ"COMPUFUNK RECORDS"(コンピューファンク レコーズ)主宰。DJ LOVEGOD名義で1990年代よりDJとして活動し様々なPatyをオーガナイズ、出演。楽曲も国内レーベルの Sound-Channel、 Grasswax、 Jet Set 、等への提供や、デトロイト"DJ 3000" が主催する MOTECH から4タイトルをデジタル・リリース。同レーベルのコンピレーション・アルバム"Broken Research 1 & 2"にも収録。また、オリジナル & DJ DEX (Underground Resistance061) Remixを含COMPUFUNKヴァイナル・レーベルを始動。レーベル第2弾として、Mark Flash(Underground Resistance078)Remixを収録した"A.I.SOUL EP"をリリース。WESSUN (EX. 土俵ORIZIN) 主宰レーベル"Nu Ance Records"第2弾にも1曲参加。COMPUFUNKヴァイナル・レーベル第3、4弾リリース予定など精力的に活動中。

■Ryoma Sasaki (Transit Rec. Kyoto)
Ryoma is a track maker and DJ who is well known in the Japanese underground. He started his career as a musician in the early 90’s. He has had a lot of experience in a variety of underground bands as a guitarist and vocalist. He then started to participate in the club music scene playing live and DJing, and was nominated as a finalist of the Roland Groove Competition in 2000. He currently plays an active part in the Kansai scene, playing live and DJing in Kyoto and Osaka, and organizing the locally famous event Undermine at Kyoto’s legendary Club Metro. His strong livesets have an excellent reputation and he has played with prolific domestic and international artists including Juan Atkins aka Model 500, Underground Resistance, Jeff Mills, Carl Craig, Terrence Parker, Laurent Garnier, Stefan Goldmann, Andy Vaz, Gunne&Zuckermann, DJ3000, Rennie Foster, Hiroshi Watanabe aka Kaito(Kompakt/Transmat), , Bee Lincoln and many more. In 2009 he started to run his own record shop “Transit Records Kyoto” and as of next year started to run his own label, Transit Records. The first release was Detroit legend Terrence Parker’s “Beautiful Life” 12” with remixes by myself (Ryoma Sasaki) and another Kyoto artist, DJ Itoi. And second release was the own title "Transit EP" including a remix of his track by Tagträumer² (Black Fox Music/Rauschzeit). After it, He released Stefan Goldmann's brilliant track "Empty Suit" as the 3rd release. The 4th release was the coupling EP with Hiroshi Watanabe(Kompakt/Transmat) and 5th release was the coupling EP with Bee Lincoln. Now the label is preparing for 6th vinyl release including Gunne, Zuckermann's remixes, it will be out in spring.
Until now, he did the Germany tour 9 times and Austria tour in this year, played at many clubs, Tresor. Berlin, Wilde Renate, Golden Gate, Chalet, Cassiopeia, ipse.Berlin, Molox, Club, Mikz, Crack Bellmer, Silvergold, Café Koz, Konfuzius Franz, Kraniche Bei Den Elbbruecken, Kurzbar, Villa Nachttanz, Rhiz (Vienna) etc...

90年代初頭より本格的に音楽活動を開始。現在、主に、Live PA/Djとして活動中。 2007年、 カナダのレーベル・Dirty Worksより、チャートで上位を獲得し、長期にわたってチャート・イン するロングラン・ヒットを記録したアルバム"Calling of Amon"をリリース。そして、その後も コンスタントに楽曲をリリースし、2011年よりVinyl レーベル・Transit Records Kyotoをス タート。ファースト・リリースとして、デトロイトのレジェンドDJの一人、Terrrence Parkerの 作品を、2013年にはレーベルの第2弾として、自身の作品"Transit EP" (Tagtrumer Remix収 録)(TR-001)をリリースした。2015年には、Hiroshi Watanabe氏とのカップリングEP "The Bridge of Sounds EP"(TR-003)、2016年には、ベルリンのアーティストBee Lincolnとともに"Transition EP"(TR-004)、2017年6月、ベルリンの名門レーベルLebensfreudeのGunneとZuckermannのリミックスを収録した"Without End Hour EP(TR-005)"をリリースした。
2011年から現在に至るまで、計9回のドイツでのDJツアーを行い、テクノ・ミニマル系最高峰ク ラブのTresor. Berlinをはじめ、Wilde Renate、GoldenGate、Cookies、Ipse Berlin, Chalet等々、ベ ルリンの主要クラブに出演の他、フランクフルト、ハンブルグマンハイム等のクラブ、ハイデルベルク郊外の千人規模の山頂でのフェス等、幅広く出演している。さらに、本年は、オーストリアのウィーンとグラーツでも公演した。こういった日本とドイツでの活動を通じ、ドイツのラジオ局に注目され、2014 年、南西ドイツ放送(Sdwestfunk)の番組で、自身とTransit Records Kyotoが取り上げられ 約30分の番組として放送された。
本年1月、名門レーベルTrenton Records主宰ReynoldのRemixを収録した"The Phase at Midnight EP"(TR-006)をリリース。2000 and Oneをはじめとした著名アーティストから高い評価を得ている。